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Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry
named after Academy Member L.K. Ernst

L.K. Ernst Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry

Postgraduate Courses and Doctorate

The postgraduate education and training programs according to the Federal State Educational Standards (FGOS) are offered from September 1, 2014.

The postgraduate education as a form of scientific and educational human resource development is the third level in the higher education after the bachelor’s and master’s degree (or specialist postgraduate degree) studies.

The objective of the postgraduate (professional) course program is to prepare for defencing the thesis submitted for a Candidate of Sciences (or PhD), which represents a postgraduate research degree, and to provide the postgraduates with the sufficient skills and competence.

The Ernst VIZh Postgraduate Course focuses on preparing the geniuine human resource professionals gaining the highest levels of the universal knowledge (independent of a certain field of training), the general specialist knowledge (identified by the field of training), and the skills (determined by the postgraduate object-oriented or specialized programming), which are capable of selfdirected research study within the chosen speciality.

The preparation program course is completed with the final state attestation. A document (Postgraduate Certificate) describing the Postgraduate Certificate Education Qualification as “Reseacher. Teacher Researcher” is delivered.

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Trishkaneva Marina Valerievna Head Postgraduate Courses +7(4967) 65-12-07 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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