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Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry
named after Academy Member L.K. Ernst

L.K. Ernst Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry

Information on CCU

Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment for Farm Animal Bioresourses and Bioengineering, based on the Ernst All-Russia Research Institute for Animal Husbandry (order 288/1 as of December 1, 2008 to create the CCE).

Academician Natalia Anantolievna Zinovieva, Ernst VIZh Director, Head of Ernst VIZh Farm Animal Bioresourses and Bioengineering CCE.

List of scientific Equipment

Rendering Services

1. DNA testing to determine the origin of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and bees
2. Genotyping of genetic variants of farm animals and poultry (Ayalysis of pot mutations, SNP)
3. DNA testing to determine the inherited diseases in farm animals and poultry
4. Detection of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and determination of GMO in samples
5. Identification of DNA of agents of bacterial, viral or parasitic infection in samples
6. Nucleic Acid concentration and frequency estimation
7. In-vitro production of bovine and porcine embryos
8. Micromanipulation of animal embryos (microinjection and cloning)
9. Derivation of farm-animal and poultry cell cultures (including the embrionic lines)
10. Embryo manipulation and genetic engineering in chicken species
11. Qualitative and quantitave assays of the raw fresh and frozen semen sampled from the farm animals
12. Preparing and analyzing the histological sections
13. Integrated analysis of gene expression in animals
14. Analysis of chromosomal disorders in farm animals and poultry
15. Biochemical analysis and hematologic analysis of blood in farm animals
16. Analysis of metal contents in the samples of animal and plant origin

List of scientific Equipment

NameBrandProducerCountryReleaseDevice assignment
1. Sequencing system MegaBACE 500 Amersham USA 2004 DNA sequence analysis (sequencing, fragment analysis)
2. Sequence analysis system to detect hot-spot mutations PSQ 96MA Biotage AB Sweden 2005 Mini-sequencing, DNA polymorphism analysis
3. Sequencing and Genetic Analyzer ABI3130xl Applied biosystems, Life Technologies USA 2009 Sequence analysis system to detect hot-spot mutations
4. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer АА-6300 СЕ Shimadzu Japan 2007 Determination of the concentration of metals in blood and products
5. High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) System LC-20 AD Shimadzu Japan 2005 Conducting amino acid analysis, vitamin analysis
6. Real-Time PCR Detection System CFX96 Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. USA 2009 Qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids
7. HPLC System LC-20A Shimadzu Japan 2006 Analysis and purification of proteins
8. PCR Equipment EP Eppendorf Germany 2005 Conducting PCR analysis in a temperature gradient
9. PCR System Performance Gradient Eppendorf Germany 2005 High-speed PCR
10. Embryo and Sperm Freezing Kit CryoLab-20 CryoLogic Pty. Ltd. USA 2005 Frozen embryos and sperm of farm animals
11. Gas Chromatograph GC-2010 AF Shimadzu Japan 2005 Fat content and acidity analysis
12. Image Documentation System BDA с BRD-5 Biometra GmbH Germany 2005 Analysis of the results of gel electrophoresis
13. Microwave System MARS 5 СЕМ USA 2006 Sample preparation for amino acid analysis, analysis of metals
14. Cryostat used in medicine Shandon Cryotome E Thermo Electron Corp USA 2007 Production of histological sections
15. Real-Time PCR Device Mini Opticon Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. USA 2007 Qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids
16. Embryo Freezing Control System SF100 Asimptote United Kingdom 2005 Freezing of semen and embryos of animals
17. Hematology Analyzer ABC Vet Horiba ABX Diagnostics Japan 2006 Hematologic examination of blood of animals
18. Image Visualization System BDA BRD5 Biometra Germany 2007 Analysis of the results of gel electrophoresis
19. Molecular-Genetics Laboratory Centrifuge 4K15 Sigma USA 2005 Sample preparation (rotation speed up to 15000 rpm)
20. Tri-Gas Incubator MCO-18М Sanyo Japan 2005 Cultivation of embryos of farm animals
21. Apparatus for electroporation and cell fusion - Eppendorf Germany 2005 Conducting geoengineering manipulations with cell culture
22. Refrigerator HFU486 PLUS Thermo Scientific HERA Germany 2000 Ultra-low-temperature freezers with operating temperature range -50...-86 °С
23. Water Purification System Milli Q Gradient Millipore, S.A.S. France 2005 Extraction of extremely pure water for research
24. Hand Microtome Shandon Finesse Thermo Electron Corp USA 2005 Production of histological sections
25. Amplifier Felxigene-02T Techne United Kingdom 2004 PCR assay performance
26. Double Distilled Water System GFL2304 GFL Germany 2007 Extraction of extremely pure water for the preparation of reagents and the formulation of reactions
27. Analytical Balances - Mettler Tolledo Germany 2005 Auxiliary equipment
28. CO2 Incubator МСО-18AIC Sanyo Japan 2009 Cultivation of animal cells
29. Microscope with a fluorescent module Eclipse 50i Nikon Japan 2010 Analysis of histological specimens
30. Hydraulic Micromanipulator MMO-202ND Narishige Japan 2009 Genetic engineering including manipulations of cell culture
31. Kit of two hot plates MATS-OZ Tokai Hit Japan 2008 Micro-manipulation of embryos
32. Homogenizer T25 Basic Ultra IKA Germany 2004 Sample-preparation for nucleic acid analysis
33. Combined Ultrasound Scanner Tringa Vet Esaote Holland 2008 Pregnancy monitoring
34. Digital Microscope System Image Score M Системы для микроскопии и анализа Russia 2008 Microscopy image analysis and documentation
35. Matrix 8-Channel Micro-Dispenser Matrix - - 2004 Sample-preparation
36. Electronic Dispenser Kit Proline Biohit Finland 2006 Sample-preparation
37. Molecular-Genetics Laboratory Centrifuge 5451D Eppendorf Germany 2010 Sample-preparation (speed up to 16000 rpm)