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Cryobank of mammalian species semen

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The cryobank of domestic and wild animal species semen was established in 2003. The first samples placed into the cryobank represented the epididimal semen of the musk-ox from the Taimyr population. The cryo-collection was further increased with the samples of semen from the European bison, the Siberian ibex, and the saiga.

At present, the cryobank includes the samples of semen collected from:

  • Argali of Pamir and Kirghiz Populations (epididimal semen);
  • Siberian Ibex of Altai Population (epididimal semen);
  • Saiga (epididimal semen);
  • Musk-Ox (epididimal semen);
  • Caucasian Goat (epididimal semen);
  • Yakut Bighorn (epididimal semen);
  • European Mouflon (epididimal semen);
  • European Bison (ejaculated semen);
  • Bison (ejaculated semen);
  • Yak (ejaculated semen);
  • Musk-Ox (ejaculated semen);
  • Buffalo (ejaculated semen);
  • Texel Ram (ejaculated semen);
  • Gissar Ram (ejaculated semen);
  • Lincoln Ram (ejaculated semen);
  • Saanen Goat (ejaculated semen);
  • Nubian Goat (ejaculated semen);
  • Marble Platinum Foxes (ejaculated semen);
  • Standard, Blue, and Sapphire Arctic Foxes;
  • F1 Siberian Ibex and Saanen Goat (ejaculated semen);
  • F1 Argali and Romanov Sheep (ejaculated semen);
  • F2 Argali and Romanov Sheep (ejaculated semen).


The hybridization operations with the domestic and wild representatives of the cavicorn family are carried out in the Laboratory for Cryobiology of Reproduction, using the semen cryobank. The population of the experimental animals represents the domestic goats and sheep, the hybrids between them, and their relative wild species.

The hybrid of the first generation between the Siberian ibex and the Saanen goat was produced in 2008 with the use of the method for intrauterine insemination (into uterine horns) with the epididimal semen.

The hybrid between the Caucasian goat and the local Circassian goats was delovered from the Saturn Company, LLC.

The first generation hybrid between the Romanov sheep and the argali of the Pamir population was produced in 2010.

F2 argali eight males and fifteen females were further produced (2012).

Hybrid F2 arhara and Romanov sheep. Male.Hybrids of F2 arhara and Romanov's sheep.

The hybrid between the European mouflon (3/4) and the Romanov sheep (1/4) was delivered from Katumy Company, LLC Leningradskaya Region in 2013.

The Romanov and Katahdin ewes and the rams of the the Edilbaev, Suffolk, Romanov and Katahdin breeds represent the domestic sheep.

Female females of Catadin
Baran of the Edilbaev breedBaran of Suffolk
Sheepskins of the Catadin

The wild representative of a European mouflon was delivered into the VIZh in 2016.

The sheep hybrids represent the combinations, as follows: Romanov x Bighorn; Romanov x Argali (of different consunguinity); Katahdin x Argali x Romanov; Edilbaev x Argali x Romanov; Argali x Mouflon x Romanov; Suffolk x Argali x Romanov.

Гибридные самки F3 (Архар х Романовская)Гибридные самки (Романовская х Архар х Эдильбаевская)
Гибрид (снежный баран х Архар х Романовская)

The hybrid females of different consunguinity between the Saanen goats and the Siberian ibex were produced.

Hybrid goats (the Siberian ibex and the goats of the Zaanen breed) of the first and second generationHybrid goat (Siberian Ibex and goats of the Zaanen breed) of the third generation

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