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Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry named after Academy Member L.K. Ernst
L.K. Ernst Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry

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Unique Scientific Set (USS), Gene Pool of Animal and Avian Genetic Material

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Brief information on USS


The order to create the USS
Cryobank of mammalian species semen Collection of Microorganisms
DNA Collection

Tissue and DNA Collection founded in the Ernst VIZh Federal Science Center, Federal State Budgetary Institution includes the samples of more than 100 000 animals of various species providing a reflection of genetic resources of the Russian Federation and the neighboring countries, which can determine its uniqueness. The collection composition consists of the tissue and DNA samples of

  • more than 30 cattle breeds,
  • more than 30 sheep breeds,
  • more, than 35 swine breeds of domestic and global distribution (Duroc, Landrace, Pietrain, Large White of different origin, etc.),
    seven different goat breeds and hybrids between domestic and wild species,
  • four reindeer breeds,
  • twenty-five chicken breeds,
  • five bee breeds,
  • two camel breeds,
  • wild animal species (wisent, bighorn sheep, roe deer, hog, saiga, wild reindeer, mouflon, chamois, Caucasian goat, argali, Caucasian deer, ibex, etc.).
The collection is regularly replenished.
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